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Granny flats serve as good extentions offering more living space. They are totally independent and are mainly constructed in such a way that they can house elderly people.

A granny flat is the most suitable dwelling option in Lang Lang East for your family members and elderly relatives. It is most certainly the best living space for old family members instead of old age homes as they get to receive better care from their families as well as being close to them. Lang Lang East granny flats are safe and comfortable and have no stairs, no marble in the bathroom and lower kitchen cabinets as compared to the main kitchen in the house.

There are several types of granny flats in Lang Lang East which can best suit your needs. It can be attached to the main house or detached thus offering privacy but it will all depend on the size of the land. You can get a portable granny flat if you do not settle on having it on one particular place permanently.

Granny flats can also be prefabricated thus saves you the headache of constructing another structure. Always check with Lang Lang East local council to get an approval for the construction of a granny flat.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers more room for accommodation.
  • You can rent it out.
  • You can have a long term earning out of it.
  • It always provides you extra income safety.
  • Increases the market value and price of your property.
  • Offers you the chance of being closer to your relatives especially the elderly.
  • Can host parties and gatherings.
  • You can always sell it separately without selling the whole house.


Industry: New Home Builders

Product: Granny Flats

Suburb: Lang Lang East VIC 3984

Purchase Information
  • Custom Solutions
  • 7 year warranty
  • Project management
  • Fully Insured
  • License No.

"Tradesman are often unreliable and hard to deal with. Not New Home Builders Lang Lang East, the experience was great. Keep up the good work"


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